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Speaking for enjoyment

How do you successfully manage your life’s competing priorities? 

I speak frequently on managing family, work, and your “other.” I have found I can manage and juggle three things pretty well by rotating the triangle of priorities. 

- Work is demanding and a must do. 

- Family deserves care and attention and is my why. 

- My “other” is just for me. It’s selfish. It fuels me.

What do you enjoy doing that fuels you? It could be a hobby, a volunteer activity, a sport, a career in the reserves (as it was for me for 24 years). Right now, my other is writing a book and speaking. I enjoy both in my free time and in my professional capacity as a lawyer. 

I am writing a book and post about it here frequently. Soon to be in print and published! That’s the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and has taken the better part of two years so far. 

And I speak at law schools, universities, legal conferences, community events, and aviation conferences. I talk about having a disciplined drive to success that involves a plan for where you want to be, a passion for what you want to do, the persistence to overcome failure, and patience for things to fall into place. 

That’s the story of my career. 

My most recent engagement was at the SMU Air Law Symposium as the keynote lunch speaker a couple months ago before hundreds of aviation lawyers in Dallas, Texas. That was a great event.

Here’s what they said on the evaluations I recently received:

“Great speaker”

“Excellent. Fantastic Presentation”

“Awesome - Loved his excitement”

“Entertaining speaker”

“Perfect balance for lunch time with great speaker”


“LOVED this presentation. Mr. Fava was excellent, and the visual presentation was cool to see.” 

I really enjoyed it. I practiced it a lot in advance and even then, there were aspects that could have been much better. But, I am humbled by these comments. My goal is that the audience gets as much enjoyment out of hearing me speak as I get out of my doing so. 

That’s my other. 

And I’m excited about the speaking opportunities in the future.

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