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Author, Keynote Speaker, Veteran, Husband, Father of Three Daughters


I speak at aviation events, national law conferences, and universities. My audiences include corporate executives, lawyers, aviation enthusiasts, veterans, aspiring leaders,

and law students. 

I am a career aviation lawyer and author.

I spent thirty years in the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer, retiring as a Captain, having commanded three units including a P-3 squadron. I chased Soviets submarines around the world during the Cold War.

I have been a law firm partner and adjunct professor of aviation law. I was the Chief Operations Attorney for Delta Air Lines on 9/11 and currently am a Vice President for the world's largest aerospace company.

In my free time, I read  four daily newspapers and nonfiction books, and I write. 

I live in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, with my wife, whom I met in 1989 when I was in the Navy, and our three daughters.

My first book Lessons from the Admiral will be in print later this year and published in January of 2025.


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