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Author, Lawyer, Speaker, Veteran, Husband, Father of Three Daughters

For years, I have helped others with advice as a mentor, friend, colleague, follower, boss, and leader. I decided to be intentional about writing a journal of lessons learned as a naval aviator and as a lawyer. I founded the aviator lawyer to share these lessons. I hope you will enjoy the stories and benefit from the advice. 

I work as a Vice President for a major aerospace manufacturer. I am frequent speaker at national level conferences and enjoy teaching as a guest lecturer.

In my free time, I read  four daily newspapers and nonfiction books, and I write. 

I live in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, with my wife, whom I met in 1989 when I was in the Navy, and our three daughters.

I am working on publishing my first book by the end of 2023 or early 2024! You can follow my progress on this website. Thanks for taking a look.


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