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Lawyerly Articles

An Interview with Mark C. Fava, ABA Air & Space Lawyer, Winter 2021.  "Mark's interview highlights the remarkable path his legal career has taken over the years and the mentors and other role models who had an influence over him along the way"   

What I Learned from the Judge, Reflections on Civility, Professionalism and the Practice of Law, South Carolina Bar Magazine, April 2022.  A heartfelt and highly rates article discussing lessons I learned in my first legal job as a federal law clerk.  Now a video presentation. 


Other Articles

The Reserve Triangle: How to be Successful at Managing Two Careers and Three Priorities, July 2022.  Some advice on managing a 30 year Navy career, a legal career, and a family life. 

Steering Through a Crisis. Lawyers as Leaders, Washington Lawyer, July/August 2022. Crisis leadership, planning, management, and communication as a corporate aviation lawyer and senior naval flight officer.

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